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Brooklyn Bandstand
Brooklyn Bandstand
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Brooklyn Bandstand is your daily dose of local music featuring only artists who have called NYC home in the past or present, with a special focus on bands you can see playing in town that night. Each weekday a rotating cast of RFB hosts will spin their latest and greatest music as well as news, interviews and show listings at the bottom of the hour.

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About RFB Family

Took Edalow (Monday) currently lives at the “Fay art collective” home base in Staten Island. Before this they lived on a commune where they loved the culture, but felt really isolated. They are from Brooklyn where they saw spirits of some other world as a child. They are known to wear wild face paint and rant about capitalism,messiah complexes and do Barbra Streisand burlesque. They are a cynical idealist. They frequently perform at Under Saint Marks Theatre and at Circus of Dreams at Bizarre Bar. Took also hosts What Would Save the World? every Wednesday at 3pm.

Lauren “Rosey” Rosencranz (Tuesday) is a producer and community builder residing in Brooklyn via Austin, Texas. She left an engineering career to pursue work with various musicians, comedians, media publications, venues and artist platforms. People are her passion and music fuels her soul.

Tom Tenney (Wednesday) is the Radio Free Brooklyn co-founder and Program Director. He received his M.A. in Media Studies from the New School in NYC and his B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fun Arts) from Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He has been a guest lecturer at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and currently teaches media theory at Hofstra University. Tom is the host of Frequency Theory on Radio Free Brooklyn.

Robert Prichard: (Thursday) Hiding in plain sight in NYC since 1983. Co-founder proprietor of Surf Reality a 90s early oughts performance art hole space on the LES. There’s a fine line between performance art and drunks with props… Creator and co-producer of Radical Vaudeville serving the LES eclectic music, comedy and performance since 2004. Co-founder of

Freeze Frame (Friday) is a writer, MC, and agnostic mystic. What’s not to love? Get Framed!


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