Burning Bridges with Margaux
Burning Bridges with Margaux
Hosted by Margaux Avedisian.

Standup Comedian, Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Party connoisseur, Margaux with an X, will take listeners on a rollercoaster of interesting stories, facts and guests. The first part is Margaux talking, then interviewing a guest(s) and then taking calls from listeners. The guests will range from comedians, celebrities, dates, entrepreneurs, people she met on the street or all of the above.

Listen LIVE every at 3:00 pm
Category: Comedy, Talk

About Margaux Avedisian

Margaux with an X is a standup comedian, producer, Bitcoin entrepreneur and consultant to the marijuana industry. She has performed at the SXSW festival, Caroline’s, NY Comedy Club, Cornelia Street Cafe and Broadway Comedy Club, etc. She was on the John Stossel show on Fox Business. Margaux is originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and now resides in New York City, touring often. She produces and hosts a weekly show at the Bitcoin Center in New York with free booze and up and coming comedians.

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