Can I Kick It? Radio Show
Can I Kick It?
Hosted by Zoe and Azaria.

Can I Kick It follows the misadventures of two bumbling, naive and out of place hip hop enthusiasts who want to share what they love about hip hop by retracing, embracing and capturing it‘s culture and history. This weekly show will prove if the unlikely pair can kick it with hip hop’s greatest legends.

Listen LIVE every Thursday at 10:00 pm
Category: Music

About Zoe and Azaria

Zoe and Azaria live in New York but hail from Geneva, Switzerland a country known for “rolex watches and colorful swatches” not rap specialists, making them improbable hosts for this show. After living in Brussels, Belgium both came to America where their friendship without borders continues to resonate through the radio waves all the way to you.