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City Thyme
Hosted by Maddy Enlow.

City Thyme is a gardening show focused on the development of urban agricultural projects and gardening for city-dwellers. The goal of this show is to show the inhabitants of New York City (and other cities) that they do not need to have rural land to create green spaces and community. City Thyme will feature segments on plant-loving projects throughout the city. The show will also showcase activities/recipes/crafts based around produce and herbs. If you are someone who has little to no gardening experience and you want to learn how y0u can incorporate fresh plants into your life, then this is the show for you!

Listen every Tuesday at 8:00 am
Category: Gardening, Radio Activism

About Maddy Enlow

Maddy Enlow is an gardener, painter and general creative living in Queens, NY. Maddy is originally from Brooklyn and has a strong passion for the communities that exist in this city. She is very excited to be back at Radio Free Brooklyn, after previously serving as “Community Manager” a few years back. Her art and plant-featuring jewelry can be found at She often shares her gardening and radio show content on instagram @foolishtookie. You can hear her music under the name Daughter I. on Soundcloud.

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