Comedy Llama
Comedy Llama
Hosted by Sam Haft and Tommy Kang.

Based out of NYC, Comedy Llama is what happens when a storytelling podcast meets a live-audience comedy show. A comedic confessional booth for the NYC comedy scene’s best and brightest, Comedy Llama has elicited laughs, tears, and family secrets. If we had a dollar every time someone on the podcast said, “I’ve never told anyone that before,” then we could afford most of a bag of movie theater Raisinettes.

Listen LIVE every at 10:00 pm
Category: Comedy

About Sam Haft and Tommy Kang

SAM HAFT is a proud New York City native, and a stand-up comic for over six years. He’s appeared on NBC, Comedy Central, and FX, and has worked with The Coen Brothers, Louis CK, and Darren Star, and is still not a success.

TOMMY KANG is the tallest Korean you’ve ever seen. Born and raised in Canarsie, he was his school’s homecoming king, and has since peaked and has now gone way downhill. He’s been a fixture of the NYC stand-up scene for several years but you still probably don’t know who he is.

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