Controlled Substance
Controlled Substance
Hosted by Dj Emskee.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE will be a weekly show of alternating styles of music between underground/independent hip hop, lounge mixes, disco and house music, international selections, and more. It’s designed to be a balanced introduction to music that isn’t heard that often heard, and hidden classics that may have been forgotten about. Mixed with skill and perfection. A taste making listeners dream. DJ EMSKEE is a 30-year, experienced dj with world traveled experience and an insatiable love for music.

Listen every Wednesday at 5:00 pm
Category: Dance, Hip Hop, Music

About Dj Emskee

Emskee is a Dj’s DJ, and an MC’s MC.

Entrenched in music culture, he’s been involved with spinning records and penning hip hop songs since the late 80’s.
Having amassed over 10,000 units in his collection, Emskee’s music has taken him from numerous residencies and appearances here in NYC, to various parts of the world, playing for festivals and international venues, spreading his knowledge of varying genres of music. He is bringing all of that experience to showcase on Radio Free Brooklyn.

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