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Dandy Swagger's Music
Dandy Swaggers Music
Hosted by Dandy Swagger. Each week I’ll be presenting two 1-hour live mixes for your enjoyment. There will be swing, there will be reggae, there will be rock, there will be punk, there will be electronic sounds, and whatever else I can think of. You’ll enjoy it, I hope!
Listen every Saturday at 1:00 am
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About Dandy Swagger

A New York Transplant, now attached to Hamburg, Germany. I like to go to clubs and parties and dance. Often, it’s me on the wheels. Yes, I use vinyl, but I broke down and got a computer-vinyl interface. Vinyl’s heavy… My record collection is quite varied, quite ecclectic, and very, very heavy. Each week I’ll bring you something that maybe you haven’t heard before, but wished you had. Enjoy!

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