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Dr Lisa Gives a Shit
Hosted by Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self-Proclaimed).

Dr. Lisa really DOES give a sh*t. Dr. Lisa Levy S.P. (Self-Proclaimed) has been performing psychotherapy on stage, on the street and in her studio/office since 2001, and she’s better than a lot of certified shrinks because psychoanalysis and therapy is not a job for her, it’s an obsession.

Dr. Lisa gets to the essence of what makes people tick, attempt to raise their self-awareness a bit, and maybe help solve some issues along the way. She doesn’t screw around either, why waste time since she’s not making money on having people come back?

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About Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self-Proclaimed)

Lisa Levy a.k.a. Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. has performed psychotherapy as a self-proclaimed psychotherapist since 2001. She performs on stage, on the street and has private patients in her office/studio. She has performed at such places as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Brooklyn Museum, Joe’s Pub, The Woolly Mammoth Theater and the Brick Theater.

Over the years, Lisa has worked through issues with Amy Schumer, Michael Musto, Joe Gordon-Levitt and people just like you – and I mean all of you!

Although Dr. Lisa has no formal training she has been in all sorts of therapy herself including group, couples, and individual. Lisa was also an in-patient on a study on depression at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC and was a subject in the initial Prozac trials.

Lisa is also a visual artist and has exhibited funny psychologically based text work in Her visual art has been widely exhibited at many venues including White Columns, Artists Space, Printed Matter, The New Museum, The Bronx Museum, Schroeder and Romero, Auxiliary Projects and with Recently, Lisa completed a psychological investigation of extraordinary people for a multi-media project at The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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  • DLG1808_Thurston Ray sings LIVE plus 'splains his love life to Dr. Lisa
    by Lisa Levy on March 11, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Thurston Ray is an incredible musician and I got him to sing A Capella in the studio which you can't hear anywhere else. Thurston was appearing live that night on our RFB showcase at The Well, so I got to ask him about that. Plus in my role as Dr. Lisa, I got to grill him on how his personal love life relates to his music. Thurston was very generous and open, so we got to find out about the road he's on in his personal life and how his family and background plays into that. Hint: He's slow to get involved. A totally handsome, lovable guy, Thurston, thanks for sharing! #music #therapy #RFB #ThurstonRay @ThurstonRay Listen →

  • DLG1807 Comedian Kevin McCaffery is not coasting.
    by Lisa Levy on March 1, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Kevin talks about how you can never take making a living in comedy for granted. He's made a living as a comedian for the past ten years and he's always working to work harder. Kevin's never been in therapy before, so we explore how his drive and role in his comedy friends may have parallels with his role as the oldest of three boys with a divorced mom household. Kevin gets big kudos here as he does not hold back-what a fabulous patient/guest! @KevinMcCaff #comedy #psychotherapy #Letterman Listen →

  • DLG Dr. Lisa talks to Holly Strange and Charlotte Smart about Shakespeare, men and women
    by Lisa Levy on February 26, 2018 at 10:12 pm

    Holly has conceived of and is directing a play that Charlotte is acting in. Our conversation starts of the themes in the play: men, women, power, etc. and evolves into a much more personal discussion on our thoughts and opinions. The play is March 4—Tickets HERE: MORE ABOUT The Will To Fight; Women in Shakespeare: This is a collection of Shakespearean sonnets, scenes and monologues focusing on women and gender relations! We look at women in power, women in love and even women that don't like each other very much. Also, men's thoughts about women are being presented and examined, although this is focused on women it is not exclusive to any gender. More about HOLLY PAYNE STRANGE: Listen →

  • DLG1805 An annoymous female talks about why she married the same guy who cheated on her a second time.
    by Lisa Levy on February 18, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    I learned a lot here. I learned a new view of marriage. There's a lot of intense stuff in here so we decided to keep the name of the guest patient secret. This woman married young, they had two kids and she found out he was cheating. Divorce ensued. 8 years go by and she hears from him again. Here's an account by a strong, smart woman that made me think freshly about the institution of marriage. Listen →

  • DLG1204_Fellow RFB "Ben Talks" host, Ben Louis talks recent gf breakup
    by Lisa Levy on February 12, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Ben Louis is one of our RFB hosts with his top rated show, I know Ben a bit from the station and his show, but he surprises me with his openness about discussing his recent breakup with his long-time girlfriend. Ben hasn't been in therapy before, and I have to say, I didn't expect our session to get this deep. So much so, that I invited Ben back the next week to do some follow up. Ben accepted, but then he had a chance to go to the Superbowl Parade, so he had to cancel. Go Eagles! Go Ben! Listen →

  • DLG1803 Leigh Celent of Castle Black impresses Dr. Lisa on how she handles her career.
    by Lisa Levy on February 5, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    From LA Music Critic: "Hop on the bandwagon now cause this band is going places. Rush out and get this EP now!" I enjoyed my session with Leigh Celent in talking to her about her development as an artist. She went from dancing and poetry in her childhood to fronting a band, following her arrival in New York. Leigh is a great example of a self-made woman way on her path to success. You can hear music from her latest ep: "Trapped Under All You Know", see her video from the song, "Seeing in Blue", and much, much, more here: Listen →

  • DLG1802_Musician Pat Daugherty is emotionally revealing about being a DAD
    by Lisa Levy on January 24, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    I've known Pat from the days when the East Village was a dangerous place. It seemed to me that Pat always lived on his own terms, though he was always making a living as a pianist for The Martha Graham Dance Company. We hear how Pat found happiness as a loving husband and father of 2 young boys and how that has affected his own view of himself and his own dad. We play Pat's music and talk about his life has grown as successful musician career — his band — New York Electric Piano, the new CD: State of the Art which you can hear LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall, Monday, Jan. 29 Listen →

  • DLG1801_Sean J. Patrick Carney interviews the coolest people and I'm interviewing him.
    by Lisa Levy on January 16, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    I've know Sean J. Patrick Carney a few years now, but I haven't sat down with him before in this one on one way. He is charming and self-deprecating! We discuss my counter-transference as he does something along the lines of what I do. It's interesting hearing Sean talk about his parents and his individual road to the art/comedy scene he's helped developed. I think I got the last word in by trying to convince him to develop some mad skills I personally feel he's ignoring. See/hear Sean's work! #BruceHighQualityFoundation #art #humor #psychotherapy Listen →

  • DLG1737_Mossy Ross wrote an incredible album to process a tragedy..
    by Lisa Levy on December 13, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Mossy Ross, singer and songwriter of Nuclear Family Fantasy, tells Dr. Lisa the circumstances behind her debut album — a boyfriend that went missing in 2016 and still not found. Mossy's work is a testament to the healing power of art. My first impression of Mossy is a bit of a wild child musician, but by the end of our session, I see a smart, strategic, focused creative person. Her talent is formidable and she share some of her songs on the air. https://nuclearfamilyfantasy.b ves-you-when-theyre-drunk https://nuclearfamilyfantasy.b ly-again https://nuclearfamilyfantasy.b es-ago Listen →

  • DLG1736_ Miss Subways 1st Runner Up, Glace Chace confronts Dr. Lisa about her stolen crown
    by Lisa Levy on October 13, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    One of the absolute best parts of The Miss Subways experience for me was getting to meet the lovely Glace Chace (that bitch)! She believes I stole the crown from her because she couldn't answer a Dr. Zizmor question correctly, (no kidding, stupid bitch), aside from her INCREDIBLE performance and handmade costume. Join us as we go behind the scenes to the moment the winner (me!) was announced and the feelings Glace was having. We also go deep discuss Glace's personal feelings about gender.DO NOT MISS GLACE'S SHOW, NEUROTICA, LAST SATURDAY of every month at Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St., Bklyn Listen →

  • DLG1735 Dr. Lisa digs into excavating Noah Becker's vulnerability and more!
    by Lisa Levy on October 9, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    I had a great time with Noah Becker - an amazing artist and founder/editor in chief of Noah grew up in large part on a deserted Canadian Island so I want to find out how he became such a worldly gentleman, which he answered without awkwardness, which I found admirable. Noah is expert on art/the art world, so I also got him to talk about his take on the current animal rights controversy about the Guggenheim Museum's show of contemporary art and also being an artist in NYC vs LA. Noah's painting is wonderful-see it here: More Noah here: Noah's thoughts in the Guardian on Cindy Sherman's instagram: Listen →

  • DLG1734_BOS17 SPECIAL EDITION Dr. Lisa worms her way behind the scenes with Curator/Artists Gowan, Meer, Neidhardt +Stout
    by Lisa Levy on September 22, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Four curator/artists that do their work at Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingram St. come to the studio so I can talk to them mostly about the shows they are curating at BFP. I try to get them to talk about what in their (anyone's) personalities make for such great communal and wildly productive collaboration. They all have pretty balanced egos would be my conclusion. MOST IMPORTANTLY SEE THEIR GREAT SHOWS THIS WEEKEND! ADO Projects (Christopher Stout Gallerist): David B. Frye, “So What Did You Do With The Money? The Monetized Negro And The Poltergeist Of My Family's Story Within American History” "Transcendence of Us"- Curators Gowan, Meer w/ Neidhardt A group show of artists that participate in the Trans-cen-der Art Group@ Brooklyn Fire Proof East's Gallery 104, September 22 - September 24th, 2017 More about Trans-cen-der: THESE CURATORS ARE ALL ARTISTS TOO - Listen →

  • DLG1733_Yael Ayb Baron shares brave thoughts on mental illness.
    by Lisa Levy on September 19, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Yael is a phenomenal writer, singer, artist and creative force in general. She talks openly about her own journey with mental illness while I take inspiration and comfort in her strength and capacity for growth and development. Listen →

  • DLG1732_Dr. Lisa checks for angst in an atypical driven, creative person, Courtney Frances Fallon
    by Lisa Levy on September 11, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Courtney Frances Fallon calls herself a writer, but that doesn't nearly cover it. Right now her focus is her project a citywide project where she hopes to communicate to attendees of the United Nations General Assembly that the public supports the Paris Agreement. The only explanation I can get to is my discovery of her athletic interest which can make people perennially happy due to their endorphin production. However Courtney has prevailed over some things she can't really talk about... You tell me! More Courtney info here: Listen →

  • DLG1731_Michelle Levy and Dr. Lisa investigate metaphysics and all that crap.
    by Lisa Levy on September 1, 2017 at 4:00 am

    Michelle does this interesting work that is so original it is hard to describe-it's both visual and performative, and it is a living thing that changes over time and the research and discovery is the work more than a planned result. Anyways we have an intense session about Michelle's rabbit hole trip to Poland and more to delve into her family history. She gets her mother ensnared along the way. Michelle's work is punctuated by her collection of "coincidences" that lead her path through life in general. Is Michelle whatchamacallit... "Psychic" or what is it? We spoke about her feelings about her metaphysical qualities and this was her post after the show: August 24 at 4:34pm · Today, on the air Dr. Lisa astutely observed my discomfort around publicly owning my mystical skills (outside of the performance space, that is). I am thinking a lot about why this is. Listen →

  • DLG1730_Uluç Ülgen's trip to Turkey changes him in an extreme way.
    by Lisa Levy on August 27, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    Uluç Ülgen has a well-known podcast: Uluc solicits strangers through "take one" postings that have his name, address and phone number to get them to come his home for an intimate conversation which he makes into a an episode for his podcast. More info on mürmur is on Wikipedia and right here www.mü Uluç was born in Turkey and then moved as a kid to the U.S. with his mother. At a difficult and alone part of his life, Uluc took a trip to Turkey that opened his soul up to trusting others in a new way. So this is definitely related to what I do but I would NEVER let the kind of people Uluç has by into my home! Way out of control and some are criminals! But Uluç has trust people in a way most of us don't. Listen →

  • DLG1729_Patient/Comic Lisa Kaplan Makes Great Progress!
    by Lisa Levy on August 17, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    I've managed to turn comedian/storyteller into a regular client. She reports on the progress she's made since our initial session in May right here: and we find out she's taken great and brave steps towards her goals of storytelling and dating. She has done a few storytelling shows and is meeting new people that way. She likes storytelling. Dating is slower-tho she has made dating attempts online. We schedule another session for Thurs. Aug. 5th-I'm looking forward to hearing more about working in some dating stories with all that storytelling! Listen →

  • DLG1728_Comedian/Artist Grant Lindahl is finding out that life is more real with people that you care about.
    by Lisa Levy on August 9, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Grant Lindahl is super-talented and wonderfully honest. He has just started therapy for real when I get to catch up with him. He grew up in Appalachia, his parents were ok, but his classmates treated him like a freak and much to Grant's credit, he didn't retreat. Grant's life is going great career-wise and hopeful relationship-wise-he just needs to deal with the realization that his words and actions have an effect on the other people. I relate from having a fairly isolated childhood myself. Check out Grant's work-this is an amazing true story animation he made about the weirdest "zoo" that ever existed - only in small town Appalachia- More great Grant Lindhal here. And don't miss his monthly show, Art School Acid Dropout at The Creek and The Cave Listen →

  • DLG1726 Laura B. Regan of The Footlight Bar surprises me by talking abour suicide.
    by Lisa Levy on July 19, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    I was really excited about having Laura, the owner of THE FOOTLIGHT BAR - (The Bushwick Daily's readers' choice award for best live music venue). ANYWAYS- Laura and I wind up having a long, revealing and inspiring session about suicide. We also talk about how she met her husband, performer Tim Shea six years ago. They're getting married soon-in 2 months-September 10! The trajectory of how Laura and Tim met and developed their relationship is unusually healthy, but still offbeat. I'm hoping to get them back on the show together!Laura is a musician and Berklee School of Music full-scholarship student and we get to hear some of her music at the end: @thefootlightbar #music #psychotherapy #suicide #wedding #inspiration Listen →

  • DLG1726_Ben Curtis and Full Moon Party are more than a trio.
    by Lisa Levy on July 15, 2017 at 6:41 am

    Do you remember Ben Curtis from "Dude You're Getting A Dell?" Well it really doesn't matter, because that dude has moved on and grown! We talk about his turn on the shrink couch with me live in 2004, his arrest and overnight experience in jail. He has developed so much and grown - music career, starring role in a big off broadway show, a coaching and wellness service, Soul Fit NYC—plus it turns our he's engaged! To his vocalist, Cassie Firemann! I enjoy myself by putting the bass player, Robbie Frost on the spot by asking him what conflicts he's observed in their relationship. All beginning with a full scholarship to NYU Tisch. #music #actor #psychotherapy #healing Listen →