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ABOUT THE SHOW: Dr. Lisa has been practicing unlicensed therapy since 2001. She’s worked with over 1,000 clients including artists, comedians, musicians, politicians, writers, actual shrinks, celebrities and complete strangers.

With her lightning quick read of people and her forthright insights, she can get to the essence of what people are trying to communicate quickly, and her sense of humor keeps everyone out of trouble.

“A Shrink with Stage Presence if Not Certification.”— The New York Times

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About Dr. Lisa

Lisa Levy began her art career at age 4 when she participated in the Museum of Modern Art Children’s School. Lisa continues to maintain a robust visual art career. Most of her visual art is humorous and conceptually based, ranging from text paintings to sitting on a toilet naked as a parody of Marina Abramović’s The Artist is Present, with her own version, The Artist is Humbly Present. Her visual art has been widely exhibited at many venues including The New Museum, The Bronx Museum, SPRING/BREAK Art Fair, The Pulse Art Fair and The Brooklyn Academy of Music along with numerous galleries and art collections. She is currently represented by VSOP Projects. Her museum store multiples are available through Open Editions and Printed Matter. More about Lisa’s various projects here: lisalevyindustries.com

External Website: www.listentodrlisa.com/

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