Game Play Radio
Hosted by Eryn Levine.

For the nerds of Brooklyn, but also the storytellers, Game Play Radio invites local friend groups, chronic D&D-ers, and creative professionals to come and play characters of their own creation and explore a wide variety of worlds as described by the “Game Master” and radio host, Eryn. Professional writers can battle each other using haikus. Musicians can try to beat a Star Destroyer as if they’re in a Star Wars film. Local newbies can become bears and try to steal honey from a human food festival. The possibilities – and the laughs – are endless.

Listen LIVE every Sunday at 2:00 pm
Category: Gaming

About Eryn Levine

Eryn is an avid pursuer of storytelling. In the past she has written fiction, made Youtube videos, performed at The Moth, and now works in children’s book publishing. She is overjoyed to have found in Radio Free Brooklyn a buzzing hub for local stories and experiences, and a home for her own work in radio producing. When she’s not playing nerdy/storytelling/role-playing games on Game Play Radio, she currently oversees Pot Luck DinnerBrooklyn Bandstand, and occasional interview partnerships with local art festivals.

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