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Giants Among Men
Hosted by Scott Ishii, Brian DiMenna.

The internet didn’t ask, but we obliged by adding a much-needed sports talk show called Giants Among Men. Hosts Brian DiMenna and Scott Ishii have been shouting their hot takes on New York sports at one another since childhood (ok, it was Scott who did most of the shouting) and they are ready to share these conversations with the rest of the town.

Listen every Thursday at 6:00 am
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About Scott Ishii, Brian DiMenna

Brian has spent nearly two decades working in sports media with stops at Golf Digest, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and now at Turner Sports. He used to dabble in stand up, but now has two children and has given up on his dreams. Such is life. Brian is a lifelong
Giants fan, a long-suffering Knicks fan, would be willing to step outside to defend Tiger Woods’ honor and defaulted to the Mets at some point in his twenties.

Scott channeled his obsession with sports into a career as a gym teacher in the New York City public school system. He recently retired from a 15-year career as a high school football coach that began while he was still a student at THE Ohio State University (where he most certainly did NOT play football). Since returning to the east coast Scott has been the defensive coordinator at two local private schools, guiding one to a league championship game, and losing. Scott’s allegiances also lie with the Giants and Knicks, though he was lucky enough to be born into a Yankees family.

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