Hawaiian Nights with the O'Debra Twins
Hawaiian Nights
Hosted by The O'Debra Twins.

Talk radio meets paradise. Each month, The O’Debra Twins will take a special guest on a pleasure cruise filled with leis, coconut rum cocktails with tiny umbrellas, and secrets that only a drunken vacationer would spill. Things are gonna get reeeaaaally loose. NSFW!!!!

Listen every at 2:00 pm
Category: Comedy

About The O'Debra Twins

The O’Debra Twins are Diane Destiny O’Debra and Tanya Tammy Tina Tiny Dancer Hyphen O’Debra. The O’Debra Twins are asthmatic Irish Twins who were born out of cabbages in a McDonald’s Bathroom in Dublin. Part Cocker Spaniel, both hold Associate Degrees from the Rosie Perez School of Braiding. The O’Debra Twins have no blood or guts. They are instead filled with confetti.