Hear and Now with Rachel C. on Radio Free Brooklyn
Hear and Now with Rachel C.
Hosted by Rachel Cleary.

Hear and Now with Rachel C. is a weekly program centered around the unique experience of live performance. Just as Radio Free Brooklyn is unique in that it is a live streaming station, the Hear and Now show hopes to bring to the listener the unique experience that is experiencing art LIVE. Preselected recordings will be interspersed with live performances. Music, spoken word, and performance art will make their way through the internet airwaves to your ears every Thursday at 7, brought to you through the unique lens that is Rachel C’s brain.

Listen LIVE every Thursday at 7:00 pm
Category: Music, Talk

About Rachel Cleary

Rachel Cleary is a Brooklyn born, lifetime resident of the five boroughs with a love of live performance. While she is primarily known for her spoken word and storytelling performances, she has also made dozens of appearances on network television and independent film. Rachel has both performed and produced in off off Broadway theater productions. She is also a staff reporter for The Shadow Press. Rachel is currently the owner of Silkworm Studio and a project manager at Radio Free Brooklyn and is stoked to be finally hosting a show at RFB.

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