Hell Wave
Hosted by Tyler the Cremator & Napalm Jeff.

HELL WAVE is a weekly live show exploring all genres of Heavy Metal, including death, gore, thrash, black, doom, speed, sludge, powerviolence, and beyond. From mainstream (sort of) to extreme, if its dark, brooding, and deemed inappropriate for commercial radio it’s here.  

Listen LIVE every Saturday at 10:00 pm
Category: Heavy Metal

About Tyler the Cremator & Napalm Jeff

Tyler the Cremator (Tyler) and Napalm Jeff (Chris) are brothers, visual artists, and lifelong extreme music enthusiasts. The brothers are fully down with blast beats, circle pits, arpeggios, and cut-off-sweats. They are most def not into going for brunch, the Judgement Night soundtrack, and beach trips.

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