Huevos Flamencos
Huevos Flamencos
Hosted by Tom Ragle.

Huevos Flamencos aims to bring the most head-spinning, hand-clapping, heart-wrenching flamenco music I can find. Flamenco has a long and continually evolving history, and is a deep topic musically and culturally, but it’s really party music. It came from secret Gypsy raves in Spanish caves. It came from persecuted people hiding out from the law for hundreds of years but still getting together every night to trade verses. It is made for playing loud, with huevos!

Listen LIVE every Saturday at 3:00 pm
Category: Flamenco, Music

About Tom Ragle

Tom Ragle and his alter egos have a long and checkered past, having been implicated in parties as a DJ of various sorts of electronic music, as well as underground noise-rock happenings while strapped to a guitar and a bit too many effects, or else releasing questionable vaporwave tunes to the general internet, not to mention writing and performing a small catalog of folk songs to upstate cafe and tavern dwellers, and even poetry readings. He now suffers from acute Flamenco addiction.

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