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Hurdy Gurdy Songs
Hosted by Jorge Arevalo Mateus.

This show tries to answer the questions: “why was that song written?” “what motivated its creation?” “how is it used?” “by whom, when, and where and, especially, why?” We explore myriad themes and topics, from across cultures to multi-generational, across genres, styles, and ideologies. From the traditional to cutting edge contemporary, we explore the background of a song and its creation and history, to give you a sense of the beauty, power and utility of Hurdy Gurdy Songs.

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Category: Eclectic, Folk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Local Music, Punk, R&B, Radio Activism, Reggae, Rock, Social Issues, Soul, World

About Jorge Arevalo Mateus

Jorge is a musician, ethnomusicologist, composer, producer and artist. He is executive director at the Association for Cultural Equity/Alan Lomax Archive and was archivist at the the Louis Armstrong House & Archive and curator for the Woody Guthrie Archives & Foundation, producing the Grammy winning “The Live Wire: Woody Guthrie live in 1949” (2008). He is an educator, teaching courses in World Music, Jazz, Latin Jazz at Hunter College, The New School, BMCC (CUNY) and Marymount Manhattan College. He is a published scholar with articles in numerous peer-reviewed journals. He continues to perform with numerous music projects and is currently recording with Disturbed Furniture, one of his early 90s Art Rock projects.

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