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Hosted by The Fitness Witch and The Couture Countess.

I’m With Magic is about dun,dun,dun……..MAGIC!   Join two BFF’s every week,as they weave their spell and talk to guests from all walks of life who incorporate magic on a daily basis.We’ll be doing all sorts of fun things like tarot, reviewing wine and magical products.Tune in every Wednesday at 6pm to see what they conjure up.

Listen LIVE every Wednesday at 6:00 pm
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About The Fitness Witch and The Couture Countess

Ammo O’Day aka The Fitness Witch is an esoteric life coach,personal trainer,yoga teacher,and drummer in Fogo Azul,the all female Afro Brazilian drumline.

The Couture Countess is a Los Angeles-based award-nominated Costume Designer, Fashion Stylist, and Jewelry Designer.

External Website: www.thefitnesswitch.com

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