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Jazz We Got
Hosted by Ethan DiPietro and Joe Tramontin.

Jazz We Got is a music program dedicated to jazz and hip-hop in the city. Ethan and Joe provide context and knowledge about various artistic experiences in the city as well as interviewing local artists from the community. This program is also a community service project for the Packer Collegiate Institue and each show features a shout out of a local nonprofit or an upcoming community event. From the history of sampling to the development of avant-garde jazz, Jazz We Got has something for everyone.

Listen LIVE every Wednesday at 5:00 pm
Category: Hip Hop, Jazz

About Ethan DiPietro and Joe Tramontin

Ethan DiPietro: I’m a junior at Packer and I play lead guitar in a jazz-influenced indie rock band. I’m a vinyl collector and love experimental rock and jazz fusion.

Joe Tramontin: I am a student at the Packer Collegiate Institute. I am also an avid music enthusiast and video game lover.

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