Kickin' It with the Joneses
Kickin’ It with the Joneses
Hosted by D-Stacks and Queen Tee.

D-Stacks and Queen Tee brings it to you like it is. Raw and Uncut convos about trending topics from Celebrity news to hood news. Hip-hop, Pop, Rap, Country you name it we covering it. Interviewing local celebrities, upcoming artist and community activist. Dishing advice on relationships, finances, parenting and so much more.

Listen LIVE every Tuesday at 6:00 pm
Category: Talk

About D-Stacks and Queen Tee

D-Stacks and Queen Tee is Brooklyn, Both Brooklyn Natives born and raised and still resides. D-Stacks and Queen Tee is a Tag team Duo, Power Couple, husband and wife power house. It gets no better than these two, real love, hood love, Brooklyn Love.

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