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Loca Vibes Radio
Loca Vibes Radio
Hosted by Bruja Rebel & DJ Bembona.

Guerrilla Radio: Critical (often satirical) analysis of news, politics, & everyday issues that impact Latin@s in the U.S. & around the world. Covering the social justice movement, local arts projects, and showcasing badass music & afro-indigena beats from the Latino Underground to get the masses bumpin’! ¡SE HABLA SPANGLISH!

Radio Armada: Análisis crítico (muchas veces satírico) de las noticias, política y asuntos cotidianos que impacta a latin@s en los EEUU y el mundo. Transmitiendo información sobre las diferentes luchas por la justicia, proyectos artísticos sociales y presentando música xingona del underground Latin@ para agitar a las masas y al esqueleto! ¡SE HABLA SPANGLISH!

Listen every Thursday at 10:00 pm
Category: Latin, Music, News, Politics, Talk

About Bruja Rebel & DJ Bembona

The Loca Vibes crew are a group of young latino social justice activists from different professional & educational backgrounds, coming together from our underground studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn to talk about the issues that affect our Latino and communities locally and globally.

Bruja Rebel (Producer/ Host/ Music Curator)
Ankalli is an Afro-Andina punk & radical muse that grew up in Brooklyn, NYC and works on various social justice projects as an Activist, Mujerista, Anti-Displacement & Immigrant Rights Advocate & is the founder/ producer and host of Loca Vibes Radio.
Twitter & Instagram: @BrujaRebel

DJ Bembona (Audio Engineer/ Co-Host/ Music Curator)
Negrita con Tumbao! Xiomara is an up-and-coming AfroLatinx DJ and party-promoter from Brooklyn, mixing Afro-Carribean tropical beats at shows in various venues all over NYC.
Twitter & Instagram: @DJBembona


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