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Locally Grown Globally Minded
Hosted by Matt Wade, Orlando aka Letric Lando, Vincent aka the anti-social butterfly.

The concept of LGGM is a community connected by the ability of its members to have empathy and desire to positively impact not only local but also global ecosystems as well. Through the show this is done through music, Edutainment and conversations about the ideas that shape our “locally global” world.

Listen LIVE every Friday at 2:00 am
Category: Experimental

About Matt Wade, Orlando aka Letric Lando, Vincent aka the anti-social butterfly

Arlando aka Lectric Lando, ARLANDO was born in Buffalo NY and raised in Staten Island during his teenage years. Music production was always a hobby for him. He went on to attend Shaw University as an english/theatre major and started his radio experience in the university as well. He now produces music for local talent and helps his partner run live shows at various venues all over New York City.

Matt Wade A life long fan and worker in the music industry, Matt Wade says he’s a “jack of all trades, master of some”. He’s also done work in the film industry behind the scenes on some of your favorite shows. Now he joins the RFB family to hone new skills in the art of communications.

Peace Im Vincent aka the anti-social butterfly aka “V” The producer. I am the creator and 1/3 of LGGM, Im a military vet and I also have training in film production and production management. I have been working in film, music and live event production for 8 years.I love meeting, working and networking with artist and believe if you put the right people, In the right place,At the right Tim, For the right reasons it can produce a synergy that has the potential to not only impact but change the word, And ultimately that idea is at the core of what Locally Grown Globally minded is all about and we hope that translates through all we do.