Lost and Rewound
Lost and Rewound
Hosted by Elann Danziger, Jimmy Hoffman, & Alyson Goodman. By carrying around a tape recorder in the mid-90’s, a then middle school-aged Elann Danziger unwittingly created an audio time capsule of prepubescent life. The tapes have since been unearthed after sitting in storage for twenty years. Now it’s your turn to share the sounds of your youth! Be it old demos from your first band, secretly recorded conversations with a best friend, or even just your younger self babbling incoherently, we want to hear it all. Email us your pitches/ideas: lostandrewound@radiofreebrooklyn.org
Listen every Thursday at 3:00 pm
Category: Comedy, Experimental, Talk

About Elann Danziger, Jimmy Hoffman, & Alyson Goodman

Elann Danziger is an actor, performer, & unabashed archivist. Raised upstate in Woodstock, Elann now resides in Park Slope, where you can spot him regularly walking his dogs. He first cut his teeth as a DJ for WICB-FM in Ithaca, NY.

Jimmy Hoffman grew up a poor boy on the busted streets of otherwise affluent Park Slope. Receiving a degree in Media Production from Emerson College, he then returned back to NYC to perform stand-up, host open mics, & be the old souled deep-voiced “street-walker.”

Alyson Goodman grew up to a height of 5’1, clinging to comedy every INCH of the way in hopes of drawing laughs from corners high and wide. Alyson resides now in Bushwick, choosing to use her fearlessness onstage in the hopes of making others feel good. So there!

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