Lunch with Legs
Lunch with Legs
Hosted by Legs Malone.

Lunch With Legs is an interview-centric show featuring interesting people with fascinating stories to tell. Launched in December 2013, Lunch With Legs began as a podcast, a pet project of burlesque star Legs Malone and her Executive Producer David Lawrence Byrd. Each episode is hosted by Legs and one never knows where the conversation will go. Please note that some interviews may contain explicit language and graphic, fabulous detail.

Listen every at 12:00 pm
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About Legs Malone

Legs Malone is the Girl with the Thirty-Four and a Half Inch Inseam! A born and bred New Yorker, Legs is a burlesque performer, producer, teacher and host now based in Brooklyn. She is the host of Lunch With Legs, a co-produced podcast available on iTunes and now a show on Radio Free Brooklyn.

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