Midnight Radio Show
Midnight Radio Show
Hosted by The Wandering Stars.

{ a neo-classic, experimental hootenanny for all ages }
Enter a fairytale universe through intergalactic radio waves. Take a journey through space to other worlds, populated with magical creatures and filled with adventure, revolution and forbidden love.
Join us for Midnight Radio Show. An audio variety show; featuring original fairytales, hocus pocus science reports, music, stories, jokes, songs, and more…

Listen every at 12:00 am
Category: Experimental

About The Wandering Stars

The Wandering Stars are the makers of Midnight Radio Show, creators of shadow puppet theater, music and now — radio.
Midnight Radio Show is a collaboration between creative director Charlotte Lily Gaspard, musical director Ezra Lowrey, and a diverse group of artists, musicians, actors and puppeteers. Radio Contributors include: LA Rucker, Malik Work, Lucas Mendez, AL Malonga, Broderick Ballantyne, Heloise Wilson, Ethan Shorter, Arlen Jones, Sparkles, Dana Fitzgerald & many special guests…

External Website: midnightradioshow.org