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Mood Indigo
Hosted by DJ Suzie.

Mood Indigo supplies your dose of blue tunes and sad croons to get you through the week.

Host DJ Suzie curates somber sounds ranging from Soul and R&B to Stoner Metal to Dream Pop. Some shows will include a theme, but others will hold a mixtape vibe. If it’s melancholy, she’ll spin it.

Tune in and cry it out.

Listen LIVE every Wednesday at 3:00 pm
Category: 80s, Blues, Dance, Eclectic, Electronic, Emo, Folk, Funk, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Local Music, Music, Psychadelic, Punk, R&B, Rock, Soul

About DJ Suzie

Brooklyn transplant from Virginia, DJ Suzie is a newcomer to the realm of radio in New York.
After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, Suzie fell in love with radio when she began volunteering at WRIR, Richmond Independent Radio, eventually gaining her own show.
From a young age, Suzie has been involved in her local music scenes and record junkie.

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