Mouth Feel
Hosted by Brock Mahan and Barry Champlain.

Hosts Brock and Barry and YOU talk about stuff. Like paranormal encounters and the best kind of chair to sit in. Plus, conversations with comics, eccentrics, and anyone else who wants to pick up the phone. Also, the occasional song.

Listen LIVE every Sunday at 8:00 pm
Category: Comedy

About Brock Mahan and Barry Champlain

Brock Mahan is a TV writer / producer and the publisher of Eel Fancy, a magazine for eels and eel enthusiasts. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their three eels: Gaucho, Aja, and Eely Dan.

Barry Champlain is a former suit salesman turned radio host with controversial views and a knack for cutting people down with his caustic sense of humor.