New in New York
Hosted by Susan Rousseau.

New York is wild. But being new in New York is Out. Of. Control. On this show, we’ll bring you some of the funniest, most fascinating stories from the people who somehow found their way to the city that never sleeps, knowing if they could make it here, they could make it anywhere, because hot damn. It’s hard. Each week, a new guest shares their uniquely personal good, bad, ugly, embarrassing, hilarious adventures with listeners. What brought them here? What keeps them here? What makes them want to leave? You get to hear all of the messy details of their new in New York life, accompanied by the soundtrack of their time in the five boroughs. And if you have something to say about living in this amazing, insane, beautiful, expensive, and diverse city (and we all know everyone does), call in and share your own experiences with us!

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Category: Comedy, Music, Talk

About Susan Rousseau

Susan works in television and finally made her way to New York 4 years ago, after a long stint in Chicago and short stints in Montreal and Los Angeles. She falls in and out of love with this city on a daily basis but can’t imagine ever leaving.

When not asking lots of questions on this show, she’s asking lots of questions to strangers at bars… or asking lots of questions at her job as an interview producer for Desus & Mero.

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