No Thing Considered
No Thing Considered
Hosted by Ben Luton.

No Thing Considered is a free form program that varies from more typical fare guest artist features to the strange (inclusions of Dadaist performances of Robert Coover or power-electronic tek-industrial). Its form has not settled but has a thru-line: sampling and collage compositions whether out of–through to–or on top of–noise, edm, or interviews. Inspired by Surrealist film, Dadaism (i.e., industrial), Negativland’s Over the Edge on KPFA, and erudition or its complete lack (i.e., poetry). It favors music from the genres of electronic, jazz, and classical.  Guests across the continental (and now overseas) have tended toward younger artists in (but not confined to!) the avant-garde arts.

Listen every Sunday at 1:00 am
Category: 80s, Arts, Cinema, Classical, Collage, Eclectic, Electronica, Experimental, Free Jazz, Industrial, Jazz, Literature, Poetry, Politics, Talk, Techno

About Ben Luton

Ben Luton is an experimental electronic musician, performer,  and avant-garde poet with an MFA from Brown University. He currently resides in New Orleans.

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