Objection to the Rule
Objection to the Rule
Hosted by Our Hosts.

Objection to the Rule is RFB’s answer to the repetitive chatter on the Sunday morning talk circuit.

A mix of news, discussion, interviews and stories of life through a Brooklyn lens, OTR gives voice to Brooklyn’s communities and tackles the diverse issues within our neighborhoods and our city.

Objection to the Rule is the new voice for Brooklyn communities to speak out and speak up!

Listen LIVE every Sunday at 1:00 pm
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About Our Hosts

Theresa Robbinson (Producer/Host) is an artist, activist and higher education professional from Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a Master’s degree in social science and is the founder of the Liberation Productions Network, an up-and-coming nonprofit focused on mentorship and community-building through artistic and civic engagement event planning. She is committed to being a voice for the voiceless and works in social justice and community development projects in Brooklyn.


Emily Scott (Producer/Host) was born and raised in the tri-state area, although she did a brief stint down south to pick up an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Virginia. She’s a writer and storyteller, and a former menstrual health educator through UnTabooed, under the non-profit PERIOD.




Jasmin Smith (Producer/Host) is a Brooklyn resident, library lover, music and film enthusiast, and excellent trivia partner. Whatever story I share on the show, I try to share with marginalized people in mind.








Orie Givens

Orie Givens (Founding Producer/Host)  is a senior communications professional and multimedia journalist now based in Columbus, Ohio. A graduate of the Ohio State University and the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism, Orie reports at the intersection of social justice, race and ethnicity, politics and public affairs and is currently a general assignment reporter for Spectrum News. Orie is also the Executive Producer of RFB talk show Queer State of Mind Director of News and Community Engagement for RFB.


Rosie Misdary (Former Producer/Host) is an international issues reporter who has worked across the globe.




Violet Baron (Former Producer/Host) is a journalist, audio producer, arts admin and Brooklyn native interested in telling our community’s stories with empathy and an intersectional eye.




Rachel Cleary (Former Producer/Host) is a longtime Radio Free Brooklyn personality and host of RFB’s Hear and Now with Rachel C and a contributor to Brooklyn Bandstand. A lifelong New Yorker, she holds a Masters Degree in Urban and Multicultural Education. She has been involved for many years in organizations like The Federation Of East Village Artists, United For Peace and Justice, and The Lady Parts Justice League, and The Bowery Poetry Club. A staff reporter for the Shadow Press, she reviews film and art addressing social and political issues.


Matthew Schneeman (Former Host) is a radio/podcast journalist. He likes to cover the epistemological spirals first person-based existence creates for advanced sapien creatures … or, more accurately, whatever he can get assigned.




Sarah Weck (Former Host) lives in Brooklyn and works as a sound mixer. She was raised in Jersey, (which always makes for a good story), and is committed to storytelling through documentary work and poetry. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Recorded Music with a double major in Public Policy, and is most passionate about prison abolition.

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