Pandemonium on Radio Free Brooklyn
Hosted by Pan.

Pandemonium provides live interviews, pre-recorded audio art, call ins/requests, music from local artists, & Pan’s personal perspectives(on topics such as local government, living on the road, sustainable creativity, theism, rapping, gender & racial tensions, life without labels, impermanence, music, trans awareness, reducing waste, benefits of mycology, comedy, non violence, self defense, nudity, international relations, quantum physics, childhood fears & dreams) for your aural entertainment.

Listen LIVE every Monday at 2:00 pm
Category: Talk

About Pan

Pan prefers gender-free/neutral pronouns. Though hardly offended by Her/Him/They pronouns, Pan would really like it if people could see beyond corporeal appearances, & simply use names(not gender) to identify folks. Pan is a Buddhist, nudist, panurgist, lover of strange words, full blown smart ass, half-assed vegan, half-baked anarchist, wake & bake pro, prophet for non-profit, pansexual, polyamorous, sapiosexual who thinks mushrooms will save the world.

Pan has questions, so many questions…

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