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Psycho-Social Radio
Hosted by Dmitri Oster, Edward Nepo.

Psycho-Social Radio: a weekly music and talk-show with intent to play tunes not necessarily heard on other media channels and with a penchant for the hard stuff; hardcore, street and old-school punk, d-beat, oi, metal, sludge, indie ROCK, golden-era grunge, with a splash of world music. A show also dedicated to addressing general mental health and addiction treatment issues within this musical patchwork.

Our message is simple and direct. Help is available. Talking about and/or accessing help is akin to listening to your favorite artists and hopefully gaining a sense of inspiration. We aim to play music that has a positive message, and to explore those messages in a community setting via a community media outlet. And, sometimes we take risks, but ones that we can benefit from; like slamming into the most pit and perfecting a new dance move. As long as it doesn’t harm others or ourselves, we go for it.

Listen LIVE every Friday at 3:00 pm
Category: Community, Eclectic, Emo, Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock, Social Issues, Talk, World

About Dmitri Oster, Edward Nepo

Dmitri Oster and Edward Nepo are both licensed mental health clinicians in New York State. Dmitri is a licensed clinical social worker and credentialed addictions counselor and Edward is a licensed mental health counselor with experience working in various social service settings. Both individuals are part of the management at One World Counseling; a dynamic community-based outpatient treatment program in Brooklyn, New York. Both of us discovered that we have a taste for harder-edge music via a “co-incidence” and both of us have a desire to engage the larger community around issues related to mental health and addictions. We aim to play some good music, stimulate some critical thinking, and encourage wider discussions in our region on issues related to mental health and well-being, underground music, and foster a community of realistic hope for all of our listeners and supporters.

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