Pull Request
Pull Request
Hosted by Eric Newman & Chris Grabowski.

Pull Request” is an hour-long technology talk show where we delve into real geeky topics that you’ll never hear on any mainstream radio tech show, and with much more class and wit than you’ll find on any tech podcast or internet radio production.

Also interviews, tutorials, news, and more!

If you’re the type of person who uses Sublime Text or vim on the subway, this is the show for you! 🙂

Listen LIVE every at 1:00 pm
Category: Talk

About Eric Newman & Chris Grabowski

Eric Newman & Chris Grabowski are two geeks on opposite ends of the first generation to grow up with the Internet. They often have conflicting opinions on topics, which draw from their years of experience and success in the field.

Chris has worked in startups around NYC and is big in the open-source community, and Eric has spent the last 10+ years running a web consultancy, doing full-spectrum web design for a variety of business, including ad agencies and larger media organizations.

External Website: pullrequest.net

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