Radical Elements
Radical Elements
Hosted by Shae D'lyn.

Radicals, eccentrics, leftists, loonies, and me. How they will save the world and what you can do to be like them.

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About Shae D'lyn

After graduating with honors from the Special Scholars Program in History from the University of Virginia, Shae D’lyn worked as a research associate for the Aspen Institute, Eyes on the Prize ll, and Morrow & Co. on Wall Street. She then became VP of acquisitions as an investment banker for Boston Capital Partners. After banking she went on to become an actor, documentary filmmaker, director, and teacher. Shae has played leading roles opposite outstanding actors: most recently as Carolyn Rothstein in “Boardwalk Empire” opposite Kelly McDonald, in “The Pretty One” opposite Zoe Kazan and John Carroll Lynch, in “The Motel Life” opposite Emile Hirsch, in “Secrets” opposite Julie Harris and Thomas Gibson, in Arthur Miller’s “American Clock” opposite Mary McDonnell and Loren Dean, and in “Vegas Vacation” opposite Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid. Her dramatic and comic roles on television include “Ellen,” “Law and Order,” “Quantum Leap,” “That Seventies Show,” and four years starring as Jane on ABC’s “Dharma and Greg.” Shae played Baby Doll in the New York theatrical premiere of Tennessee William’s “Tiger Tail” receiving a rave review by The New York Times. She is now preparing to direct her first screenplay.

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