Reciprocity Radio
Reciprocity Radio
Hosted by Amanda McCleod.

Reciprocity Radio seeks to tell the story of how we eat, cook, and share meals and recipes not only across kitchen tables, but across time, distance, and generations. The process of cooking and following a recipe can be seen as a kind of performance or sensory experience, connecting everyone who has previously prepared that same dish. Reciprocity Radio will explore the inherent intimacy of recipes, sharing those stories and experiences we create and share in kitchens and across counter tops.

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Category: Food, Talk

About Amanda McCleod

Amanda is the co-host of Radio Free Brooklyn’s Empty Orchestra and aside from being a karaoke enthusiast, is also a big fan of being in the kitchen. She has always been fascinated with recipes, cookbooks, food writing, and generally tinkering around with recipes. Reciprocity Radio is an idea years in the making, inspired by a long tradition of recipe swapping with friends and family members alike and a youth spent avidly baking.

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