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Hosted by TAC Queen (trans woman), CW (gay) and NYC (trans women).

Sanctuary’s focus is on contemporary LGBTQ politics, rights and culture cohosted by TAC Queen (trans woman), NYC (trans women) and CW (gay). As a group we will be discussing various ideas around how we can move rights forward in America despite potus 45. The cost of a life in the closet.  Fuck therapy the problem doesn’t begin with you.  How shamming plays into isolation. Starting with discussions of LGBTQ history Stonewall, Harvey Milk, Madonna have continued to teach courage, perseverance, love, inclusion, acceptance and spirituality despite Ronald Reagan, Anita Baker and when the Clintons were backing genocide up until POTUS 45.

The current laws in America hold LGBTQ Americans at 66% full rights inclusion but we can continue to work towards change. This is really what makes change happen. We have all faced discrimination but recently from out own community informed us that it was time to come together and submit Sanctuary to Brooklyn Free Radio.

Listen LIVE every Sunday at 3:00 pm
Category: Social Issues

About TAC Queen (trans woman), CW (gay) and NYC (trans women)

(1) “TAC Queen” (trans woman) grew up in the east village, in the world of the arts and fashion, educated at FIT, went on to be involved in NYC’s club scene as a DJ spinster and in Miami as a radio talk show host. Political activism has always been apart of “TAC Queen’s” spin on life. “TAC Queen” is a savvy and smart reviewer of polotics and culture, who has the ability to dissect and shine the light on darkness, break it down and put her unique spin on things in her own humorous way. “TAC Queen” has fully transitioned to female.

(2) “CW” (gay) has (3) degrees in the arts and has been imbedded and active in NYC’s culture and arts scene for almost (3) decades. Political and rights has always been apart of the equation active since “act up”. “CW” is still very active on multiple levels for both LGBTQ rights and protecting the rights of those in NYC’s world of arts and culture. “TAC Queen” dubbed “CW” her “catalyst” during the summer of 2017 post spending hours talking about politics (POTUS 45 and this serious state of affairs),they met post years of discrimination in housing and employment and it turned 2017 into the summer of laugh’s.

(3) “NYC” (trans women) comes from the technology world, she helped develop linux software (yeah that one) and going to work one day in San Francisco (the first time in high heels) was fired and then “black balled” going from $160K to $0. It’s no surprise as the technology world is terribly “homophobic”. “NYC” responded in starting an LGBTQ pod caste in San Francisco that ran for (2) yrs. She ended up spending most of her days arguing with the far right but never stopped getting a kick out of it. To this day, google and other technology giants have commandeered her and sent limos to pick her up for interviews but when she arrives “trans” is more than they what they can handle.

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