Seeds of Afro
Seeds of Afro
Hosted by Nenim.

Cool sounds from a wide variety of World music from Africa to America and Europe.

Sounds of West African underground – Afrobeat, Afrofunk, Afrorock and Afrosoul of the 60s and 70s era to date. This musical journey continues with sounds of American Funk & Soul and European funk! Afro means ethnicity, origin so I will also tour Latin America sounds of Samba, Rumba, Cumbia to Soukous music of Congo DR.

Listen LIVE every Monday at 6:00 pm
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About Nenim

Nenim, from Lagos, Nigeria, has been djing at bars and clubs in Nigeria and London since 2008. His love for music and curiosity brought him to Brooklyn, NY where he’s lived since 2014. He’s a sound engineer and producer with a love for vinyl. He djs at Shrine and Bier International in Harlem as well as a few places in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. He co-hosts weekly on “Stewart Avenue” live stream radio . He recently started his own record label “5th Circle Records”. His playlist is so eclectic!

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