SHE in the Morning
SHE in the Morning
Hosted by Sojourner Elleby, Kimberly Mason, Jazmin Veney.


SHE in the Morning is a weekly radio series starring Sojourner, Jazmin and Kimberly. This show is a platform that allows our audience to gain a different perspective on pop culture, entertainment, news and more. We deliver impactful stories and situations to our audience, through our premiere segment Shoot The Shit. Our show is a safe space to share opinions and unfiltered thoughts on taboo topics, all in the name of friendship and laughs. We are live every Thursday from 8-9AM.

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Our goal is to create an environment for our audience where the energy is positive and infectious. We pride ourselves on ensuring that at the end of each episode (no matter how shady, risque or comical), our audience is able to walk away with substantial information that they can benefit from. We provide content that is relatable for any and all audiences because we are aware of how important different view points and perspectives are.

We work together in a harmonious fashion that exudes the essence of sisterhood. Through common interests, patience, and a will to understand one another, we hope that our synchronicity shines through as our audience becomes a part of our family.

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