Sinsmith Radio
Sinsmith Radio
Hosted by St. John McKay Smith.

The one thing you can be sure of with this show is you won’t know what you’ll get.
An all non-fiction-based documentary mix tape of real conversation, interview, skit, monologue, field recording, Q&A’s, stand up comedy, street musicians, and anything else that I have recorded myself, usually presented without a narrator and based on a theme. Often in your face, raw, extremely personal, possibly offensive. Just like life.
I’ll play the pre-recorded piece and then go live after, taking calls from people wanting to hash it out, or talk about how the piece was made, or play some reel outtakes.
I allow you to do one activity while it’s on: your ironing.
Ok, breastfeeding is also allowed.
And cuddling.

Listen every at 11:30 am
Category: Experimental

About St. John McKay Smith

A sinsmith hammers away at the anvil, ‘boom!’ averice, ‘boom! boom!’ vice …
Crawling from the deepest bowls of New Zealand is a guy who used to mix records but now mixes people talking, as well working ideas through interactive instillation performance type stuff, experimental video doc stuff, and talking out loud on a subway platform while people gently back away.

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