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Sitting With Gianluca
Hosted by Gianluca Tramontana.

Sitting with Gianluca will be a rotating cast of artists engaging in lively and fascinating conversation and – when they’re musicians – some live music as well. Expect these sit-downs to be more like co-hosts sitting around the record player than interviews.

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About Gianluca Tramontana

Gianluca Tramontana is a musician, former road manager, live sound man in crappy (but cool!) New York venues and is now a recovering music journalist who specializes in American roots music, formerly Rolling Stone, music editor of Zembla magazine in London, US correspondent for JAM in Italy, currently contributor for MOJO magazine in the UK. has also done music pieces for NPR and a BBC Radio feature on blues icon Honeyboy Edwards. He is currently working on recording mountain musicians in Eastern Cuba. One day he will stick to just one thing…… 

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