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Sketching a Song
Sketching a Song
Hosted by Jon McCormick and Dru Cutler. SKETCHING A SONG is a behind the scenes peek at what makes singer/songwriters tick. Artists are invited into Unit J (a loft-turned-recording-studio and venue in Brooklyn, NY) to discuss their music in an intimate conversation and then play in a performance setting. Join Dru & Jon as they listen to the tracks and dig into the world of combining lyrics and music.
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About Jon McCormick and Dru Cutler

Jon McCormick
After living in quite a few places over the years he’s called New York City home for over a decade now. Having worked as an actor, musician and writer Jon brings his unique insight into the creative process that every artist wrestles with.

Dru Cutler
As a classically trained composer who’s fascinated by the power of strong songs, he asks songwriters about their artistic choices and peels back layers of their songwriting process.

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