Sunday Night Noir
Sunday Night Noir
Hosted by Matt Mitler.

Kaufman’s on a “holiday”, which is any day he ain’t workin a case. Like today, for instance. Anyways, this dame, Maura, comes into Sully’s bar. Her pop’s just thrown some big to do for her war hero brother. Only her brother’s a louse, and a Jew-hater to boot, and it’s debatable how much of a hero he actually is. What’s beyond question, however, is that now he’s dead. Cops say it’s an accident. Maura says she needs a P.I. Looks like the holiday is over.

“Kaufman’s Holiday”, a noir, serialized.

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Category: Experimental, Narrative

About Matt Mitler

Matt Mitler was originally trained in psychology, before discovering the healing potential of theatre. He is director of Dzieci, which balances work on performance with work of service, and is committed to Art as a path for transformation. Matt is featured in the anthology, “Working on the Inside: The Spiritual Life Through the Eyes of Actors”, and “The Encyclopedia of Religion”. He’s written plays, screenplays, and essays. “Kaufman’s Holiday” is his first novel.

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