Hosted by Guice Mann.

SSSSLAM DUNK is an hour long Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Trap, Electronic, Rap, Punk, Instrumental, Dance, Indie rock, Psychedelic Rock, New Wave, Chillwave, Dubstep, Vaporwave, Pop and Experimental music show hosted by Guice Mann! Bringin ya backboard breakers, double pump dunks, two handed jams and 360 tomahawk jams! All kinds of crazy jams! Jewelry for your mind! Shattering the backboard every Monday!

Listen every Tuesday at 12:00 am
Category: Electronic, Hip Hop, Music, Psychadelic, Punk, Rock

About Guice Mann

Creating things drives Guice Mann out of bed every morning. Guice Mann is a maker from Willowick, Ohio. He helps bring paintings, drawings, illustrations, videos, sounds and podcasts into the world.
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