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Talk Shit
Hosted by Ryn + Ron.

Ryn and Ron combine their magic to hilariously commentate, and talk shit, on current events in their lives. “Talk Shit” is driven by delivering shade and shedding light on topics and themes that relate not only to their experiences as young Black people, but also to highlight perspectives that are relevant to young women of color and queer people of color. Check out their outrageously unapologetic perspectives and valuable insights on what’s relevant in the world they know.

Listen LIVE every Sunday at 4:00 pm
Category: Comedy, Talk

About Ryn + Ron

Ryn and Ron have been combining their Black witchery (wink) together since 2010. But as individuals, they’ve managed to talk shit their entire lives.

Lauryn is a web producer who’s only good at social media when she’s being paid. Her honesty is unfiltered and she shares a catchphrase with her cohost that applies to every situation.

Deron is a shade-throwing, edge-snatching queen. At work he’s a journalist with a background in pop culture, social media, social justice and community engagement.

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