Tbyrd's Eighth Avenue Sessions
Tbyrd’s 8th Ave. Sessions
Hosted by Tom "Tbyrd" Burnett.

A journey into the stratosphere of sound. Featuring the music of Coocoohandler, Uncle Jimmy’s Dirty Basement, Sub-verse, New Noise Continuum, 8th Avenue Sessions, Buckingham Sessions, and their many influences from Stravinsky to Zappa to Miles to Bowie to to to to………Guests, talk, improvisation, spoken word, Post Freudian Jazz Punk Cabaret at it’s finest. Anything can happen and most likely will.

Listen LIVE every at 7:00 pm
Category: Music

About Tom "Tbyrd" Burnett

Performer/Director/Musician, Was founding member of performance Orchestra Coocoohandler and Uncle Jimmy’s Dirty Basement in the 90’s and 00’s. Tom is currently a member of Sub-verse and The New Noise Continuum. Directing credits include numerous multi media events for Projects for a New Millennium, presenting large scale light and sound extravaganza’s in rock quarry’s and site specific events. More recently Jame’s Godwin’s “Lunatic Cunning” and “The Flat Iron Hex”.