The Attitude Adjustment Show on Radio Free Brooklyn
The Attitude Adjustment Show
Hosted by Billy C. Sometimes you need to drop in to see what condition your condition is in. Sometimes you need a break from this seemingly crazy world. You need to shake and rattle and roll your blues away. To brush the dirt off your shoulders. Join me for two hours of uptempo, danceable rock and roll and soul, with a dash of world music, guaranteed to alter your mood from oh, man to oh, yeah. We’ll excavate your soul with some sweet rock and roll and shoot you full of rhythm and blues…..
Listen LIVE every Friday at 8:00 pm
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About Billy C

It’s been an absolute thrill riding the airwaves at Radio Free Brooklyn…..I am a phoenix risen from the ashes of the humdrum and robotic atmosphere that is called terrestrial radio….from humble beginnings broadcasting from my room to my mother in the kitchen via walkie-talkie and those portable turntables with the built-in radio through the politics and insanity of corporate radio, I lapsed into a deep sleep courtesy of electronics and things. When I awoke, I found myself right back where I took my first breath, my first steps and uttered my first words. Home sweet home. Brooklyn.

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