The Chill Room on Radio Free Brooklyn
The Chill Room
Hosted by dj bennett.

The Chill Room is music, history, science, art and politics. Music is experimental (noise) dance (beats) and pop (rewards). Politics is progressive. Art is radical. Science is necessary, and history connects it all. A Los Angeles underground staple since 1997, live broadcast on since 2000, dj bennett’s Chill Room is a place to rest your head in sonic dreamscapes of audio collage.

Listen every Sunday at 12:00 am
Category: Experimental, Music

About dj bennett

From the Midwest, lived and worked in Chicago, Berkeley, San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles. Background in theater and literature and the music business. Worked as a paralegal, as an assistant to a Beverly Hills rabbi, accountant, playwright, hearing test consultant, light designer, ran a coffeehouse in Silver Lake, was Dr Rhino for the Rhino Label, and delivered marijuana.

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