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The Circuit
Hosted by Courtney Love.

Join host Courtney Love weekly on The Circuit for music from festivals around the world. Tune in for a vicarious hour of music and live interviews from that week’s featured fest. Find a new favorite band, hear the ones that are already favorites, and come along for the music festival experience.

Listen LIVE every Saturday at 9:00 pm
Category: Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Local Music, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Soul

About Courtney Love

(the other) Courtney Love is a music: lover, sometimes supervisor, avid live show-goer, whistler, and nerd living in Brooklyn, NY. A native of Atlanta, Courtney started working in music there at a local independent record label. She got her start in radio in NYC hosting her show and as content director at Little Water Radio, and quickly fell in love. Excited to be part of Radio Free Brooklyn, Courtney digs the chance to share a music experience with listeners and music lovers every week.

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