The Junk and Jam Hour
Hosted by Christopher Albert.

The Junk and Jam Hour – produced, written and hosted by Christopher Albert – is a Talk-Radio program that provides its listeners with lively commentary, humorous satirical segments, extraordinary music and electric live performances, and foremost, features engaging interviews with new and seasoned comedians, musicians, writers and artists of all kinds.

The Junk and Jam Hour exists to highlight and share the impressive projects and imaginative contributions of talented underground and groundbreaking artists.

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About Christopher Albert

Lisa Lampanelli fondly referred to him as an ‘anal astronaut’
Ariana Grande’s Dad praised him as a ‘creative professional’
and Mariah Carey once gave him a disingenuous hug

Armed with a sardonic wit that was born from the streets of the Brooklyn slums, Christopher Albert has been defiant in his pursuit of joining the ranks of today’s funniest humorists – perhaps with a little more charm and eccentricity.

Of Christopher’s many talents, most intriguing is his ability to spin life’s biggest turds and foolishness – into comedy gold. While life has given Christopher an abundance of dreadfully hilarious experiences to draw upon, he has also been afforded the unique opportunity to study the craft of humor with seasoned instructors from the famed Comedy Store and Second City Hollywood, as well as invaluable insight from veteran comedy writer Frank Santopadre of Comedywise. He has also performed on and produced an array of successful live comedy showcases, featured alongside many top comedians.

Christopher’s brutally honest approach to humor is evident in his litany of fearless material, including Junk and Jam – a suite of comedic content comprised of satirically animated graphics, Comedic-Talk Radio Broadcast The Junk and Jam Hour, and Junk and Jam Live, the Comedic-Talk & Sketch Cablecast TV Series.

Many would be surprised to know that before comedy, Christopher’s roots in entertainment began as a touring singer, where he was gifted the chance to perform on many stages – including the historic Apollo Theater and NJ Pac – with appearances on the Rosie O’ Donnell Show, Billboard Music Awards and features on MTV and PBS.

His collection of humorous writings include The Kettle Black: The Chronicles of Mia and Rocco as published on The Furious Gazelle, as well as the autobiographical short stories and future One-Man Showcase, A Crack Baby’s Bible.

Writer, producer, performer, humorist and host Christopher Albert humbly believes that humor is much more than just a singular tool used to escape the harsh realities of our world – it enriches it.

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