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Hosted by Christopher Albert. The Junk and Jam Hour – produced, written and hosted by Christopher Albert – is a Talk-Radio program that provides its listeners with lively commentary, humorous satirical segments, extraordinary music and electric live performances, and foremost, features engaging interviews with new and seasoned comedians, musicians, writers and artists of all kinds. The Junk and Jam Hour exists to highlight and share the impressive projects and imaginative contributions of talented underground and groundbreaking artists.
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About Christopher Albert

Armed with an acquired wit and intelligence that was born from the streets of NYC, Christopher Albert, also once an inhabitant of Los Angeles, is set to emerge as one of the funniest, charming, yet eccentric writers and humorists of our day.

Though Christopher has produced content for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, his true talents are rooted in entertainment and comedy. Christopher has had the unique opportunity to study the craft of humor with the best: instructors from the famed Comedy Store and Second City Hollywood, as well as invaluable insight from veteran comedy writers. 

Christopher’s brutally honest approach to humor is evident in his litany of fearless content. His works include the writing and production of Junk and Jam, absurdly edgy content, satirically animated graphics, and humorous programming – including the Junk and Jam Hour talk-radio broadcast, and Junk and Jam Live cablecast program.

As a performer, Christopher has been afforded opportunities to share his talents on many stages including the historic Apollo Theater, with appearances on the Rosie O’ Donnell Show, Billboard Music Awards and features on MTV and PBS. He has also performed on and produced an array of successful live comedy showcases, featured alongside many top comedians.

His collection of humorous writings include his novel, The Kettle Black: The Chronicles of Mia and Rocco, and autobiographical short stories for the series, A Crack Baby’s Bible.

Writer, producer, performer, humorist and host Christopher Albert is humbled by his life’s experiences, and believes that humor is much more than just a singular tool used to escape the harsh realities of our world, it actually enriches it.

Lisa Lampanelli fondly referred to him as an ‘anal astronaut’

Ariana Grande’s Dad praised him as a ‘creative professional’

…and Mariah Carey once gave him a disingenuous hug.

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  • Photographer and Media Producer Anna Auguste
    by Christopher Albert on February 11, 2019 at 4:20 am

    In this special Junk and Jam Hour, Photographer, Media Producer and Founder of Lensa Productions, Anna Auguste joins Christopher Albert in the Radio Free Brooklyn studio to discuss her impassioned ventures, including the #ithinkyourepretty campaign - a photo project and collection that empowers dark-skinned girls define what beauty means to them. Also on topic is black women body image - how society, her own culture - and even lingering negative images from the slave era - directly influences her own feelings about her hair, size and ultimately, skin color. Anna, who is also of Haitian heritage, shares her own past battles and journey toward accepting her own beauty, and like many black women who have embraced their own natural kinky and curly hair, Anna is proudly a baldy by choice. Most importantly - Anna encourages listeners to bravely speak up as she becomes vulnerable enough to share her story of having been sexually abused. #blackgirlmagic Listen →

  • Media Personality Kareem 'Reem'o Meerak' Tyson
    by Christopher Albert on January 27, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Media Personality, TV/Radio Host, Producer and Videographer Kareem 'Reem'o Meerak' Tyson joins Christopher Albert in the Radio Free Brooklyn studio for a special MLK Day episode of the Junk and Jam Hour. 'Reem'o' discusses his many media ventures, including his successful hit series, "ReemTV", now in its sixth season, and a film-festival favorite as part of The Meerak Brand Productions; as well as being the co-host of City Rok Radio. We talk about his platform, which strives to uplift, highlight and put a spotlight on the local Hip-Hop community and events, and the prospects of expanding it to the West coast; as well as the importance of being able to amplify the voices of the unheard and underserved in the media - particularly black voices. With 'perseverence' being his major theme, Reem'o and I also talk in detail about the significance of inspiring and supporting young black men, as well as ensuring that black women know their importance in a world that often discounts their Listen →

  • Host of "WelcomeOVO October's Very Own" Mrs. Ihesiah
    by Christopher Albert on January 27, 2019 at 7:56 pm

    Christopher Albert invites Mrs. Ihesiah - Producer and Host of Public TV Show WelcomeOVO October's Very Own - to the Radio Free Brooklyn studio for an incredibly eccentric Junk and Jam Hour interview. As a self-procalimed ambassador and promoter of everything Drake, his music and his OVO brand - Ihesiah dishes about her love and respect for the Canadian-born rapper, and has even gone as far as inking his brand's logo on her hand.  Not shy from experimentation, Ihesiah gladly shares her mystifying music, and not-so-coyly let's our audience know - that she doesn't care what people think! She is also adamant about letting everyone know how spiritual and Christian she is, and advises everyone to "eliminate the bullshit." Most interestingly, Ihesiah lovingly gushes about her prayer-come-true, her talented daughter. Christopher Albert also takes Ihesiah along for the ride throughout the Junk and Jam Hour segments, including Not-So-Fake Really Weird News; Horoscopes - Lyrics by Listen →

  • Podcaster and Video Producer Eric Rivera
    by Christopher Albert on December 24, 2018 at 2:13 am

    Eric Rivera - podcaster, video producer, and host of "Life and Whatever Else" - a talk-based program that covers the latest in pop culture, sports, and entertainment - joins Christopher in the Radio Free Brooklyn studio to discuss his production career; his early television and video production education; “Life and Whatever Else” - his broadcast program on Manhattan Neighborhood Network; steering his guests away from an uninformed interview; his favorite show to produce so far: HIV prevention and awareness; being a lifelong NYC resident; and his first love - wrestling. Most interestingly, Eric discloses on-air, about the rarirty of never having been afflicted by the stomach flu. Here's to hoping we didn't jinx him. Eric also partakes in some Junk and Jam Hour fun - including some commentary in the Not So Fake Really Weird News segment, about the unfortunate food poisoning deaths incurred at a Peruvian funeral and the joy some students find in baking and sharing Listen →

  • Writer, Actor and Producer Gabriel Furman
    by Christopher Albert on December 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    The Junk and Jam Hour Featuring Writer, Actor, Co-creator of "Wonder" the Series and Short Film, and Co-founder of Real Talk Films, Gabriel Furman. Gabriel joins host Christopher in the Brooklyn Free Radio Studio to discuss "Wonder" the Series, about a 10 year-old, gender non-conforming biracial child named Sammy (born a male), who, while growing up in the projects in Queens NY, starts to question themselves outside the "traditional" gender system. Sammy finds themself dreaming of trick-or-treating as Wonder Woman for Halloween - and is surprised to receive the overwhelming support and encouragement from their father. Gabriel engagingly chats about his progressive production company - RealTalk Films - with a diverse team comprising of Puerto Rican Actor and Director Javier Molina, and Iranian, Transgender Activist and Writer Pooya Mohseni; the challenges of production of Wonder the Series, their Go Fund Me Campaign, and their important work with The Gender & Family Project - Listen →

  • Featuring Media Educator Da'Shawn Pretlow
    by Christopher Albert on November 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    Host Christopher Albert welcomes Teacher, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Author and Media Maven - Da'Shawn Pretlow into the Radio Free Brooklyn Studio to discuss all things media - including his many goals to help others prepare and produce more meaningful content; some common mistakes content creators make early on in their endeavors; the responsibility of brushing up on technical skills and how NOT to get left behind; the importance of time-management; the era of Smart Television, and the evolution from television watching to streaming content. Also on topic is Da'Shawn's media guidebook, "The Video Foundation Guide: How To Create An Amazing Video" and his media workshop series entitled, "Project Get Yo Life: The Digital Etiquette Workshop" in which he discusses the importance of understanding digital footprints and the false sense of online privacy and security, and how to effectively e-communicate. Da'Shawn also participates in Christopher's media-themed Horoscope segment, as well Listen →

  • Running Coach Nicole Rodriguez
    by Christopher Albert on November 12, 2018 at 2:22 am

    Professional Running Coach, Personal Trainer and Host of Conversation P.A.C.E. Nicole Rodriguez joins Christopher Albert in the Radio Free Brooklyn studio to discuss her love of running, nutrition and "keeping it real" with her clients. Other things on topic include: the the 2018 NYC Marathon; the difference between a runner and an "elite" runner; the disparity of participation between US born black runners as compared to their white peers and international black runners; black runner sponsorship as well as creating and producing an amazing platform - Conversation P.A.C.E. - the television program that she so graciously shares with other racing professionals . Nicole also partakes in a little Junk and Jam Hour fun, including Really – Real Stupid Fake News, Fitness Horoscopes and Silly Trivia. Listen →

  • Comedian and Actress Camille Theobald
    by Christopher Albert on October 29, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    Stand up Comedian, Improviser and Actress Camille Theobald sits down with host Christopher Albert to discuss her childhood dreams of becoming a competitive dancer; her thoughts about once being in an Acting Masters Class and receiving guidance from Oscar Winner and pedophile Kevin Spacey; Playing guitar with Keith Urban; the lack of diversity within female comic festivals; and the salary disparities between White-Americans, African-Americans and Native-Americans. We also provide listeners with a very fun comedy-themed horoscope and play a game of riddles. Listen →

  • Indie Music Artist Leah Woods and The Rolly Boys
    by Christopher Albert on October 20, 2018 at 1:29 am

    Leah Woods - Indie Music Artist with an R&B / Soul influence, joins Christopher Albert in the studio - along with some of her band-mates, The Rolly Boys, including Guitarist Andrew and Drummer Francesco - to talk about their latest EP 'Brighter Tides', its successful singles including 'Feel Your Ground' (which originally was accidentally mixed without Andrew), their philanthropic work and upcoming projects. Not only did they share their incredible music on-air, but they also partook in Christopher's silly Music-themed Horoscopes and Music-themed riddles. Listen →

  • Actress, Model, Designer Jes Davis
    by Christopher Albert on October 7, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Actress, Model, Designer and Founder of Tunc branded Fashion Jes Davis sits down with Christopher Albert in the Radio Free Brooklyn studio, and discusses everything from sexual and religious freedoms of expression, advocating for women's rights, birth control, her Fuck Trump apparel, and living successfully with Cystic Fibrosis - the root cause to her coughing throughout the entire on-air interview. Segments include Really-Real Stupid Fake News, Performer's Horoscopes and a Rancdom Quiz. The Junk and Jam Hour Where Artists Come to Play, Pause, and Repeat. Listen →

  • Designer and Artists Latanya Rose Rojas
    by Christopher Albert on September 24, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Designer and Artist Latanya Rose Rojas joins Christopher Albert at the Radio Free Brooklyn Radio Station, to discuss her new fabulous endeavors, including her high-end, ButterCup Posh decorative dolls from her Etsy Shop. We also explore more about her 6-year-old son who is a space explorer himself, and why designing clothes is not just an art form for her - but a necessity. Segments include Really-Real Fake News and Commentary, Fashion Horoscopes and a Dirty Riddles Game. The Junk and Jam Hour Where Artists Come to Play, Pause and Repeat. Listen →

  • Fashion Designer Renita Biddle
    by Christopher Albert on September 16, 2018 at 4:27 am

    Fashion Designer and Founder of Cherubim RMB Renita Biddle stops by The Junk and Jam Hour at the Radio Free Brooklyn studio to talk all things fashion and NYC Fashion Week, as well as other topics including: 90's R&B Groups: TLC, En Vogue, SWV, Xscape, Total..etc., Culture Vultures / appropriation, White Women, Black Men, Black Women vs. Women of Color, etc. Christopher Albert also delivers some biting Horoscopes for each of the 12 signs. Listen →

  • Featuring Comedian Barbara Perez
    by Christopher Albert on September 8, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Barbara Perez - Founder of Project Highway and Denver's Top Comic - calls in to the Junk and Jam Hour to discuss with host Christopher Albert about comedy and touring, and deliberate over some odd news headlines, including the Kuwait market that placed googly eyes on their fish, condom usage (which according to the CDC, many people wash and re-use), sex-doll brothels, and she even participates in a silly game of riddle solving. Listen →

  • Featuring Comedian Carrie Gravenson
    by Christopher Albert on September 1, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    Comedian and writer Carrie Gravenson sits down with host Christopher Albert in the studio, and they discuss everything from why red-heads need a higher dosage of anesthesia, anal ailments, dating advice from her father, anecdotes about her step father, as well as play hilarious tracks from her newly released comedy album, Cry Through It. It's the tops! Listen →