The News Today, Oh Boy
The News Today, Oh Boy
Hosted by Gregg L..

Thematic sets of songs. Inspired by a variety of news stories. Curated & discussed by your host. All for your entertainment. In theory. These items aim to be as eclectic as each week’s selection of music.

* If “The News Today, Oh Boy” is your primary news source, your informational diet will be lacking. You will, however, enjoy a smorgasbord of genres, artists, & tunes that will satisfy your musical appetite.

** The food metaphor wasn’t necessary, but let’s roll with it.

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About Gregg L.

Gregg is an organism that enjoys ice cream, doo-wop, & comedians talking shop. In the late 21st century he became a dance craze across the country (of Luxembourg).

He has previously worked at large media companies, hosted a college radio show, & produced sketches featured on a comedy public access program when he was in grade school. He hopes you have a good time.

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