The Non-Resident Alien Show
Hosted by Benjy Barnett.

A weekly injection of tracks from all over the world. Whether it’s a dusty and rare back-of-the-shelf-in-a-record-shop-in-Dakar LP or a recent release from Melbourne’s bustling jazz scene, the Non-Resident Alien Show will bring you music you may not have heard, but certainly won’t forget. With no genre out of bounds, each show promises a different selection of styles and sounds: from traditional folk music to global dance music, you can find it here.

Listen LIVE every Wednesday at 11:00 am
Category: Acid Jazz, Blues, Dance, Disco, Eclectic, Electronic, Folk, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Latin, Music, Psychadelic, R&B, Reggae, Soul, World

About Benjy Barnett

Born and raised in London, Benjy has grown up amongst a melting pot of musical cultures and styles. Immersing himself in the UK sound system culture from a young age, he has come to love digging down into all forms of music, with a particular love for jazz and its global influence. Having hosted the worldwide phenomenon that is Beat Roots for three years in the UK, Benjy has brought his musical explorations across the pond.

When he’s not pining after records he can’t afford, he’s a neuroscience researcher at NYU.

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